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Algarve “Jeep Safari”

Discover many interesting, beautiful and well hidden places of the western Algarve.

In this chartered “jeep safari”, you will have the 4WD car exclusively for your group of maximum 8 persons.

You will be guided by an experienced guide who is also a responsible driver.

4WD “jeep”

Your private hired 4WD vehicle is a 8 passenger Nissan Patrol with 4 seats facing forward, and 4 lateral seats in the back, facing to the middle.
This 4WD vehicle has a closed top, which makes you stay comfortable during the fresh winter days. The car is equipped with a well working air conditioning system.
Included in your trip is a cool box with 2 bottles of water per person. The rest of the cool box is at your disposal; feel free to bring your own cold drinks or snacks. Cool elements are provided.
In the car is a set of games available; a Frisbee, a foot/volleyball and a beach tennis set. You will find in the car a bird book, an Algarve flowers & plants book and a binoculars. Also an Algarve map and gps is available. The “jeep” and driver/guide has all operating licenses and passenger insurances in place.
The car is a non-smoking vehicle.

“Jeep Safari” Guide/drivers

Your private guide and professional driver shows you and your friends/family the best spots for swimming, walking and enjoying flora/fauna.

We are used to drive our car with passengers aboard. For your safety and comfort the driving is at a relaxed pace, and we don´t take any large obstacles.

The driver may vary, they all speak English Portuguese, and some of them speak German.
Most times Frank will be the driver, a Dutchman who is a rich source of knowledge about live, terrain, flora/fauna and local culture in the Algarve.

Short Walks: Feel the beauty of Nature

During the day we will frequently offer short walks. Here we´ll enjoy the most interesting moments such as:

- feel the salty wind from a cliff top near the wild Atlantic Ocean
- talk with a farmer in a rural fish & vegetable market in Monchique or Silves
- touching cork in shaded cork tree forests
- drink water from a ancient well called “Fonte dos Amores”
- smell the fresh eucalyptus which is good for your breathing system
- taste some seasonal fruits, picked by you from the road-side
- taste and buy the Portuguese fire water called “Medronho”
- dip a spoon in some local made honey
- learn about the good, the bad and the ugly of cork, eucalyptus and rock roses

We have a large choice of walking tracks and can easily adjust terrain and length of the various walking routes to your preferences.

Your 4WD off-road destination

Feel free to choose your own destination and make your own route, we´re happy to help you with that. We aim to stay west of Albufeira.

See below our highlighted route suggestions that cover the area along the south and west coast between Carvoeiro and Sagres, and in the interior between Silves, Monchique and Aljezur.

Serra de Monchique: two peaks - mountain villages - forests - fertile & green - fresh water lake Visit on this day the best of the Serra de Monchique: the green Picota (774 mtrs), the natural spa Caldas de Monchique, South Portugal highest peak Fóia (902 mtrs) and swimming in the fresh water lake. Photos, map and prices >>

West Coast Nature Park: Algarve´s largest forest - fishing villages - open landscape - cliff top views - deserted beaches The best of the West: after a visit to the arty village of Barão São João we find our way through Algarve´s largest forest and reach the magical west coast. Visit Sagres and Europe´s south west cape S. Vicente. This is the land where Henri the Navigator and Columbus started exploring the world some 500 years ago. Photos, map and prices >>

Historical Silves: Moorish castle (optional) - cobbled streets - walk along irrigation channels (levadas) - fresh fruits - stork nests - archaeological museum (optional) What was the Algarve like 1000 years ago? Come and experience it in Silves! The Moorish castle and archaeological museum show a window to Islamic times. The Rio Arade valley still offers a variety to bird life. Photos, map and prices >>

Algarve West Coast, Monchique Mountains or Portuguese Culture?

Whichever destination or theme you choose, you can always suggest alterations to the driving route, choose different walking routes and make longer stops at villages or swimming locations such as the beaches or the lakes.

See here an indication of what we have in mind per destination:
West CoastSerra de MonchiqueSilves
amount of off-road driving during the day *332
Beautiful walking paths available333
impressions and beauty of the nature333
historical & culture experience323
spectacular views332
rural and remote experience333

1 = Little; 2 = some times; 3 = Very much!
* this is even on the day easily adjustable to your wishes

Lunch options

We can provide you with inside knowledge about the best lunch spots in the various areas. In short we offer 4 options:

- bring your own lunch pack or pick nick, we have a cool box to keep the essentials cool. We will definitely choose a great spot to enjoy your lunch, this can be lake, beach, park and if you wish with public toilets nearby. - we can stop at a café/ snack bar for a simple lunch at a reasonable price with sandwiches, omelette’s and some fresh products. This will be a place in the mountains or near the beach with great views. (estimate €6 - 10 pp) - we´ll bring you to a proper restaurant for a warm lunch and with fresh products. (estimate €10 - 18 pp) - we drive you to the best restaurant with the best view for an à la carte lunch on a 5 star location.

Your guide/driver will bring his own lunch, so you can enjoy your lunch in your private company.

Prices & Discounts

We offer this full day out, with specialist guide/driver included, for € 290 per day.
Discounts up to €140 that are available, depending on day of the week, on where you stay and the route that you choose.
All prices & discounts mentioned here include:

- private charter, no other clients will join in that day
- one day off-road driving with short walks on a destination that you choose
- fuel and all local taxes included
- 2 bottles of water pp and cool box at your disposal
- a Frisbee, a foot/volleyball and a beach tennis set.
- a bird book, an Algarve flowers & plants book and 2 binoculars. Algarve map
- the car has all operating licenses and passenger insurances, copies are in the car availably.
- VAT (IVA) at 23%
- a professional guide and responsible driver behind the wheel, who shows you the best spots in the west Algarve, by car and by foot. He will share with you all his knowledge and experience about the flora/fauna, local habits, Portuguese culture and he is an experienced walking guide.
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